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I don't think the Hampstead can go out of style, it has such a classic look. That's the beauty of it, that it's not "trendy" per se. I don't see many of them around, and I think that's in it's favor. I think it would be nice to own a bag that very few people have. louis vuitton purse


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I have both, and love both. I no longer purchase Gucci fabric, but I also no longer purchase anything by LV that has vachetta on it. louis vuitton bag

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,congrats!! bag twins! wow but yours is soo brand new! I miss when mine looked like that :( and i love your agenda! louis vuitton handbags,Make someone else list it for you! louis vuitton bag,

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That I'm not sure. I will know for sure once I talked to the SA who assisted me with the purchase. But I doubt they'd do that. louis vuitton luggage